BootX and 9.0.4

Nelson Abramson pogtal at
Mon Apr 24 22:22:25 EST 2000

"W. Taylor Holliday" wrote:

> Are BootX and 9.0.4 incompatible? - BootX was working perfectly and then
> that stupid auto-update bumped me to 9.0.4 and all of a sudden I get that
> hd:lost interrupt message during linux boot. This problem does NOT occur
> when I boot into Mac from the os 9.0 CD and then run BootX.

Yes.  The ROM that comes with 9.0.4 cause incompatibilities with bootX.  The
archvies contain a wealth of information on ways around it.  The official
way is to use yaboot.

--Nelson Abramson

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