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Eric Peden ericpeden at homemail.com
Sat Apr 22 17:00:27 EST 2000

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After seeing a definite need for one, I've started working on a yaboot FAQ.
Right now, it's very, very far from complete, but at least one's underway,
right? ;) I currently use yaboot on a G4, with yaboot itself stored on an
external SCSI device, and the procedure for setting things up is a little
more convoluted than it is on most "standard" systems. I need help from some
people that have set it up on one of these standard [read: non SCSI-card]
systems. Specifically, what procedure did you have to follow to designate
the boot device; how did you determine the boot device's OF alias; how is
the drive connected to your Mac; stuff like that. If you can help out,
please let me know, and of course you'll be given due credit in the FAQ. ;)
I'd also like to hear from people who have set up a Zip drive as their boot
device, as this seems to be a common request.

In addition, I'd love to put even this preliminary version on the web for
people to begin looking over and making suggestions, but I'm in a bit of an
argument with my ISP right now over whether or not I should have a personal
webspace, and as such am currently unable to make the document publicly
available (I'm avoiding "free" sites that display banner ads as a matter of
principle). If someone would like to donate a (very) small amount of
webspace during these early phases of creation, I'd very much appreciate it.
Please contact me if you're interested.

Waitin' for those mails to start pourin' in. ;)

- --eric
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