MiniDin9 serial pin outs to talk to DB9 UPS?

Michael Schmitz schmitz at
Fri Apr 21 01:55:08 EST 2000

> The other PowerMac 7500 (MiniDin9) pin outs are (and I had a hard time
> finding this info from an Apple web site):
> pin 1: SCLK(out)   ---- I'm assuming this is DTR
> pin 2: Sync(in)/SCLK(in) ---- I'm assuming this is CTS

I recall two pins on the serial port labeled as Handshake in/out which
would translate to RTS/CTS (the other pair is DTR/DSR device status not
handshake). The SCLKs are sync. external clock lines for LocalTalk
perhaps, the Sync would correspond to RI on a modem line.

I'll have to look up the 'standard' pinout for that connector elsewhere
but I recall Apple left out one pin usually needed for hardware

> pin 6: TxD+
> pin 7: Wakeup/TxHS ---- I'm assuming this is DCD
> pin 8: RxD+
> pin 9: +5V (power to pod) ---- what's a 'pod'?
> I was told that the PC serial cable connects similarly sparsely except
> that pins 4 and 6 on the PC end are jumpered together. That seems to be
> a short between TxD+ and DTR. I tried doing the same for the

Nope, you need to connect RTS and CTS, and sometimes DTR and DSR and DCD
are also connected together. C onnecting DTR and TxD will only confuse the
serial driver.

> Mac MiniDin9 by jumpering MiniDin9 pins 1 and 6 together. This didn't
> work. Nor did jumpering 1 to 8 or 1 to 7.

Try connecting 1 and 2 ...


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