aty128 and offb and linux-2.3.99pre6

Kevin B. Hendricks khendricks at
Thu Apr 20 04:11:36 EST 2000


I submitted my use_of_pll.patch to to Brad and Anthony (the maintainers of
the aty128fb.c driver) and the changes to allow the rage128pro card to work
will eventually make it into the latest development 2.3.99X kernel but it
has not as of yet (today's rsync from Paul devel tree) made it in yet.

You can pretty much hand apply the patch easily and that should help make
things work with 2.3.99preX kernels and rage128pros.


At 13:45 -0400 4/19/00, Nelson Abramson wrote:
>Chas Williams wrote:
>> i think i have spotted an oversite, offb.c, the aty128 probing should
>> come after the offb probing otherwise, my aty128 comes up as an
>> unsupported framebuffer.  the following patch 'correctly' recoginizes
>> my aty128 now:
>Does this fix the problem w/ the broken 2.3.99 aty128pro driver?
>--Nelson Abramson
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