Iain Sandoe iain at sandoe.co.uk
Tue Apr 18 08:51:25 EST 2000

>> A few days ago I saw `mmu_context_overflow' in my kernel messages.
>> The machine locked up on `cat /proc/ppc_htab'. Fortunately it autorebooted
>> after 180 seconds and came back to life again.
> I also saw this a few weeks ago, and was meaning to fix it but I was
> unable to reproduce it.

I have not seen the mmu_context_overflow - but the /proc/ppc_htab has been
causing a lock-up since at least 2.3.51 (sorry it slipped my mind).

I'm using Paul's rsync (latest I've tried is 2.3.99-pre3).

> I'm sure you don't feel like crashing a remote box again, but if you or
> anyone else could cat /proc/ppc_htab and tell if panics and perhaps post
> the OOPS.

Unfortunately there was no panic, OOPS or anything - and - unlike Geert's my
system never came back - just locked up completely - requiring a three
finger salute to get anywhere.  G3/minitower (beige).

Not as much help as I would like - apart from the fact that it was
completely repeatable - I'm out of circulation for 5 weeks now - paid work
;-) but if there's anything I can supply by tomorrow night that will throw
more light on it - let me know.


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