Anyone running LinuxPPC2000+PCMCIA+WallStreet?

Mark S. Mathews mark at
Mon Apr 17 12:15:00 EST 2000

Hi Folks,

We're trying to run a LinuxPPC 2000 install on a WallStreet M4753 and
trying to get PCMCIA going.  Of course, we've had loads of trouble.  ;-)

We've been trying with the pmac-2.2.15pre7 kernel and a variety of pcmcia
versions.  No matter what, we always get panics when inserting a card.

At this point we're pretty sure the problem is in i82365 or cardmgr, not a
specific card driver.  We're not getting far enough to deal w/ a
specific driver.  We've tried a couple of network cards, including
some that aren't supported by pcmcia-cs at all (we were hoping for
'successful' failure).

Any recommendations?  We'll send .configs and such if anyone wants to see


Mark S. Mathews

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