pcmcia - 2.5"ide

claus enneper at olis.north.de
Sat Apr 15 08:47:12 EST 2000

some playing in /etc/pcmcia/config.opts :
include memory 0x90000000-0x90ffffff
include port 0x1000-0x10ff
(THX to A.Tobler)

was giving me access to my PCMCIA_2.5"_IDE_HD_enclosure :)
adding the hde partitions to molrc results in success.
now its possible for me to move any 'hfs' to the external HD;

Could those of you using a PB check this setting with your PCMCIA-Cards for any incompatibilities?
I mean, I really spend some time with this problem and I don't think it was necessary, because some of you did know that probably.
Adding those hints to 'config.opts' in the next release of a PPC distribution would be quite nice.


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