gcc-2.95.2-ppclinux-internal bug

Mario Scarpa m.scarpa at mondonet.net
Thu Apr 13 01:53:36 EST 2000

"Michael A. Peters" wrote:
> My profound apologies if this is a well known bug.
> While compiling gstep-0.6.5 it didn't make it all the way, compaining
> of an internal compiler error.
> Platform is linux (2.2.14) on a PowerPC (750/G3)
> gcc 2.95.2 compiled with languages c,c++,objc with options
> enable-threads, enable-cpp, enable-shared. It was compiled by me from
> stock gnu source and works splendidly on other things.
> The product being compiled was gstep-0.6.5 (GNUstep)

You should disable optimization when compiling this
product. It's in the documentation btw.

Mario Scarpa.

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