More XFree86 v4 problems

William H. Schultz whschult at
Fri Apr 7 13:39:09 EST 2000


You are probably all getting tired of hearing the problems that I am
having with XFree86 v4.

The problem I am having is that X isn't properly recognizing the
internal video to my 8500 -- /chaos/control.  I did get my XF86Config
file set up to work on it (as far as I'm aware) and xinerama works, to
some extent.  (the problem I was having before with xinerama wound up
being that miboot assumes ATI hardware and likewise passes video=atyfb
kernel arguments.)


Screen is rotated about 40% to the left (the left portion wraps around
to the right).  Despite XF86Config args, it will only do 640x480 at 60Hz.
Additionally, it appears that it is running in 16 colors, even though it
won't do 16 colors in MacOS and my voodoo is running in millions.

Additionally, as enlightenment is xinerama aware, I can get windows to
pop up on the /chaos/control screen (bad colors), but when I save the
session with enlightenment as my default wm, my gnome toolbars
permanently dissapear--unless I delete all of my .gnome* directories.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


ps  I have a qt/OpenGL version of breakout (very simple) I've been
working on for school.  Anyone interested in playing it?

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