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Kevin B. Hendricks khendricks at
Fri Apr 7 01:48:51 EST 2000


At 08:09 -0700 4/6/00, Kevin Liang wrote:
>> How about it?  Anyone interested in launching a "LWN - FAQ_O_MATIC - BlueG3
>> - Slashdot - Freshmeat" like-site specific to Linux on PPC.
>> Kevin
>> my 4 cents (given the excahnge rate and taxes in Canada!)
>	Hi,
>	   For all its worth, I would be interested in something like
>this.  Unfortunately, I have no resources to host such a site, but could
>help with maintaining it.  Maybe YellowDog could host it (how bout
>Dan?)  ?  I'd say zope and squishdot or slashcode would be fine for
>this kind of site..

That's great!

The key is to get some "buy-in" from some of the other distributions as
well so that traffic is larger and you are not just creating another
splinter-info site.  Centralization is the key here.

Think about adding the following features:

- archiving and searching all the ppc mailing lists:
 - comp.os.linux.powerpc newsgroup posts
 - all of the yellowdog lists
 - all of the linuxppc lists
 - all of the suse ppc lists and debian ppc lists, etc

- a separate developers archive / ftp site with direct links to
   - benH's site
   - paul's rsync site
   - the bitkeeper site and Cort's stuff
   - a patch archive (searchable)

- an up-to-date faq (based on the faq-o-matic?)

- a whole area devoted to installing on the *newest* machines
    - yaboot instructions
    - kernel patches for new machines

- a news weekly for product announcements, releases, ports, etc

- discussion area and icq for improved communications

- links to each major distributiopn page

If you think these things are done already, I hesitate to point out the
date and age of some of the latest "news" on the main sites, the lack of G4
yaboot instructions still on the yellowdog site or linuxppc site, etc.

The key is having people actively reading the mailing list and sites and
updating and tying them all together into one key "portal" for both
developers and users.

Up-to-date is the key.

It would be alot of work (too much for one person I think) but something a
small team of 2 or 3 people could make into a key resource that would help
to ease the burden on the distributors and developers.

How about it Dan, Jeff, etc?  A shared resource to eliminate duplication of
effort and focus things abit.  Sounds like a good idea to me.


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