Question about PPC __put_user_asm/__get_user_asm

Graham Stoney greyham at
Wed Apr 5 10:33:16 EST 2000

Hi Dan,

Daniel Jacobowitz writes:
> I can't tell you what those particular elements do, but I can tell you
> that -ffunction-sections will most likely NOT produce a bootable
> kernel.  It makes assumptions about the types of sections present - see
> for instance the __initfunc() macro and its custom section.

Thanks for the tip, but I think I've already solved this by renaming the
sections used in include/asm/init.h from ".text.init" to ".text_init" to avoid
the namespace clash which would happen if compiling a function named "init()".
I've also made the corresponding change in arch/ppc/, and added
*(.text.*) and (*.data.*) to the .text and .data output sections respectively.
That oughta do it, unless I've missed something...


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