Question about PPC __put_user_asm/__get_user_asm

Graham Stoney greyham at
Wed Apr 5 10:21:56 EST 2000

Gabriel Paubert writes:
> At least i386 does the same trick as Documentation/exception.txt explains.
> But using .text explicitly is bad style in any case, you might want to
> replace it by .previous like in this hand-built unified diff for the
> __put_user_asm case:

Thanks Gabriel; I must have been going blind yesterday when I looked at the
i386 uaccess.h file to not notice this!

> Caution: I don't claim it will solve all your problems: actually it will
> still leave some remnants in the __ex_table and .fixup sectioons which
> will be cause linker errors. But at least the code of the functions will
> stay in the appropriate section. I've no idea on how to generate per
> function __ex_table and fixup sections (actually I think it's the wrong
> approach for 6xx/7xx/7xxx PPC for other reasons).

I don't believe we want per-function __ex_table and .fixup sections, so I
think using .previous in the __get_user_asm & __put_user_asm solves my problem.
I get no link errors from the resulting kernel, but the output is way too
small, and `nm' doesn't even recognise it -- so I'll have to solve this next.

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