G4 speed issues...

Michel Lanners mlan at cpu.lu
Wed Apr 5 06:45:44 EST 2000

On   4 Apr, this message from Josh Huber echoed through cyberspace:
> Anyone else having problems with their G4 running 2.3.x kernels?  I'm
> getting occaisional lock-ups

No idea here...

> and major slow downs, especially when doing
> intensive operations (compiling, etc).
> While I'm compiling, the mouse/keyboard react very slowly.

This I am seing as well. But in my case, it is the X server using 40%
CPU for nothing else but scrolling the xterm I'm compiling in :-((

Try hiding or minimizing the window you're compiling in, or compiling
in a console, and see whether your symptoms remain.


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