problems with the frame buffer (ATV 64) on a power mac 7220 in newer kernels

Steven Hanley sjh at
Tue Apr 4 10:54:35 EST 2000

Michel Lanners wrote:

> > I tried a kernel command line of video=controlfb:vmode:5
>                                          ^^^^^^^^^
> I didn't know the 7220 had a control display adapter? Anyway, this
> option will do nothing for your ATI display. You need to look at atyfb
> for relevant options.

I have no idea what the hardware actually has or doesnt, however as
mentioned in the email I did try a plain video=vmode:6 also which if I
read line 3279 of atyfb.c correctly (2.2.15pre14)

3278-#if defined(CONFIG_PPC)
3279:   else if (!strncmp(this_opt, "vmode:", 6)) {
3280-       unsigned int vmode = simple_strtoul(this_opt+6, NULL, 0);
3281-       if (vmode > 0 && vmode <= VMODE_MAX)
3282-           default_vmode = vmode;

should set the vmode correctly to whatever I pass, instead it still just
goes with 6 seemingly due to code paulus added since 2.2.10.

I would love for someone to clear this up for me. how do I make a recent
kernel show anything at all on the screen, it still wont yet 2.2.10
seems to be fine no matter how much I muck around with different weird
config options.


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