read-only root (was Re: Help I've been cracked!!!)

Dan Bethe dan_bethe at
Tue Apr 4 10:21:28 EST 2000

--- Greg Noel <GregNoel at> wrote:
> At 7:33 AM -0500 4/2/00, Justin Shore wrote:
> >... has anyone ever setup [sic - that's a noun, you want "set up"] a
> >system where root was on CD or some other non-writable volume ... ?

	Any host acting as a network appliance, such as a router or firewall,
should do that.  Linux Router Project does that.  You can have a
read-only boot medium such as cdrom, floppy, or hard drive.  Hopefully,
it's physically read-only like a cd or a jumpered hard drive.  To deal
with logs, I suggest the following:

* A ramdisk filesystem for logs, periodically emailed to you and then
deleted by logrotate

* a completely read-only filesystem with a network-based syslog host
for security

* Or just no logs at all.

	Also note that Yggdrasil's "Plug and Play Linux" distribution can
optionally boot completely off the cdrom.

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