R_PPC_REL24 relocation out of range, with trivial program

Franz Sirl Franz.Sirl-kernel at lauterbach.com
Tue Apr 4 07:34:02 EST 2000

Am Mon, 03 Apr 2000 schrieb Pierre Sarrazin:
>Last month I posted the following message:
>From: Pierre Sarrazin
>Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2000 18:25:46 -0500
>> This is another message about the "R_PPC_REL24 relocation out of range"
>> problem. I have a trivial program and library system that illustrates it.
>> I have read some of the previous messages on this topic but the solutions
>> proposed did not make a difference.
>> The problem happens when the dlopened library exports a C++
>> function returning 'string', but not when it exports a function
>> returning 'const char *'.
>> Here is the program:
>	[...]
>The full message is at:
>I would like to know if there is a chance that this problem will
>be fixed soon. I have had to suspend my LinuxPPC work for the
>last month. My company's support for the LinuxPPC platform is
>delayed by this issue.
>Is there a way to ask gcc to generate only long branch instructions
>so as to avoid this whole problem? Thanks.

This seems to be fixed in the current toolchain:

[fsirl at entropy:~/bugs/reloc]$ make
g++ -g -Wall -fPIC -DSTRING_EXAMPLE -c prog.cpp
g++ -g -Wall -fPIC -DSTRING_EXAMPLE -o prog prog.o -ldl
g++ -g -Wall -fPIC -DSTRING_EXAMPLE -c f.cpp
g++ -shared -o libf.so f.o
[fsirl at entropy:~/bugs/reloc]$ ./prog
s = [pizza]

Either upgrade your distribution or go to


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