[Fwd: Bug: 2.2.12 still hangs PPC after some PPP activity]

Lou Langholtz ldl at chpc.utah.edu
Thu Sep 30 06:00:37 EST 1999

Takashi Oe wrote:

> . . .I'm fairly certain it's a bug.  Good spotting.  The last restore_flags()
> shouldn't be there.
> --- macserial.c.ORIG    Wed Sep 29 02:05:14 1999
> +++ macserial.c Wed Sep 29 02:05:31 1999
> @@ -1381,7 +1381,6 @@
>         if (info->xmit_cnt && !tty->stopped && !info->tx_stopped
>             && !info->tx_active)
>                 transmit_chars(info);
> -       restore_flags(flags);
>         return ret;
>  }
> Takashi Oe


I just locked up my system and had to reboot. The above change then doesn't seem
to fix the system hangs. On the other hand I never did see the "FB. overflow"
message at least.

I've been trying to search around HOWTOs and FAQs and mailing lists to get a
better idea of wether nesting save_flags(flags); cli(); stuff...;
save_flags(new_flags); cli(); restore_flags(new_flags); restore_flags(flags); is
ever even ok. Haven't found anything conclusive yet though. Whatever the case, it
doesn't seem like it'd be good practice anyhow. All the other serial support C
files I've found so far seem to avoid this except for macserial.c.

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