[Fwd: Bug: 2.2.12 still hangs PPC after some PPP activity]

Benjamin Herrenschmidt bh40 at calva.net
Thu Sep 30 03:02:22 EST 1999

On Wed, Sep 29, 1999, Lou Langholtz <ldl at chpc.utah.edu> wrote:

>This is pretty much the kernel I'm running now. I haven't had the "FB.
>message yet nor system-freeze but I've experienced the TCP slowdown already.
>Evidence that we've got other problems as well (IMO). It's only been 20 hours
>so with new kernel so not enough time for me to feel confident though about

I've added another fix to the kernel on my test page
(http://calvaweb.calvacom.fr/bh40/test.html). It may fix the hang on
close. I don't think it will fix anything related to a slowdown however.

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