2.2.13 build OOB?; need for some standardization here?

Benjamin Herrenschmidt bh40 at calva.net
Wed Sep 29 18:58:02 EST 1999

On Wed, Sep 29, 1999, Paul Mackerras <paulus at linuxcare.com> wrote:

>I hope to set up an ftp server shortly where I will be able to
>distribute kernels without the restrictions that I have on
>ftp.samba.org.  It will probably be ftp.ozlabs.linuxcare.com or
>something like that.

Hi Paul, glad to hear from you again ;)

My 2 cents: could you make, on this server, some kind of "cleaning room"
for patches ? There are more and more patches floating around to fix
small details (yet another sound fix, a mouse fix, my own little fixes
here or there, etc...) which are quite scattered. I know Cort made
somthing similar on linuxppc.cs.nmt.edu, I don't know if it still exist
however. (I've been away from linuxppc dev. for some time too, I'm back
hacking only since we did that sleep stuff).


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