2.2.13 build OOB?; need for some standardization here?

David Edelsohn dje at watson.ibm.com
Wed Sep 29 04:39:11 EST 1999

>>>>> Kevin Hendricks writes:

Kevin> I think we should either fix the way Linus and company decides when to release a 
Kevin> stable version, or get our own "Alan Cox" to act as shepard over our own stable 
Kevin> "ppc" kernel tree and make that person "official".

	I tend to agree with Kevin here.  The Linux core kernel developers
need to improve their release engineering process.  I realize that
Linux/PPC was on the fringe for a long time, and both Paul and Cort have
done a lot of excellent work these past few months adding functionality
and improving the overall design.  This rapid development makes it hard
for Linus and company to keep up.  However, x86 development should not
break PowerPC and other ports as much as I have seen.

	PowerPC and other architectures are becoming more important and
demonstrating the diversity of Linux.  The breakage and instability does
not cast a good light on bazaar-style development model and Linux when we
are trying to broaden the Linux market.


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