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Joseph Garcia jpgarcia at
Wed Sep 29 02:12:52 EST 1999

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> Basically, the problem if whatever you define in your userland keymaps
> (console keymap or X keymap), the alt-shift-key combos never work. That's

this may be unrelated, but i've noticed that with XF3.3.5, the META key, which
is ALT on PCs and command/apple key on macs, has been remapped to the option,
which on my powerbook is also labeled alt.  so to switch from console to X, i
use command, X to console - option.  i don't mind it much.  its just annoying to
find out what programs use X's keymap (option) and  not the other (kernel's?)
keymap (command) when i think they should be the same thing, or at least


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