Custom distribution/installation question

Noah White noah at
Tue Sep 28 09:11:50 EST 1999


I need to jumpstart several systems. I'd like to create a bootable CDROM
which I
can drop into the CD and walk away from while it loads a subset of RPMS
and does some vanilla configuration. Basically the Redhat installer in a
non interactive,
totally CD contained install.

Looking through various docs. it looks like perhaps a combination of
mkisofs, mkkickstart would work. What do I need to hack to build the
installable CD?
I assume I would only need the stuff under RedHat. Taking a look at that
I see an

instimage directory:    any details on its' purpose? Is this a bootstrap
for the install process?

base directory:    the base install? any pointers on info related to its

RPMS:    pretty self explanitory ;-)

Thanks in advance!


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