SndConfig for Linux/PPC

Dan Malek dan at
Mon Sep 27 01:26:50 EST 1999

Anirudh Joshi wrote:

>         heh... funny you bring this up, cause just yesterday i decided
> (was coaxed rather) to rewrite the awacs driver.  hopefully when i'm
> finished, it'll be out of dmasound.c and awacs.c will be done The Right
> Way (or whatever way i think is Right :).  anyhow, it'll have all the
> goodies like mixer support, etc...

What version are you looking at?  The current version works and
has mixer support.  The Rigth Way is always a personal opinion,
and rewriting something for the sake of changing variable names
or personal coding style is a waste of time.

If you decide you have time to waste on this, make sure you start
with the latest 2.3.x version, and ask me for all of the updates
I have queued to test and check in over the next couple of weeks.

	-- Dan

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