[patch] Paul's rsync kernel compile fix

Martin Costabel costabel at wanadoo.fr
Sat Sep 25 19:26:04 EST 1999

Shaw Terwilliger wrote:
> I've been compiling Paul's rsync kernel on my PowerBook G3 and I've
> prepared a patch that blocks out some undeclared (and reference)
> variable initializations in linux/arch/ppc/kernel/pmac_setup.c.  A quick
> look at the other ????_setup.c (prep, chrp, apus) shows this might also
> be useful there, but I didn't run through the compiles to check.
> Has everyone else had the same problem compiling these kernels?
> This is the first time I've dug around in "kernel" kernel stuff,
> and I think I'm clear on why these variables really don't mean
> anything, but I could always be wrong.  :)

I think you are: 
- these variables are used by any number of drivers
- they are declared in <asm/dma.h>

Maybe you should rsync again?


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