SndConfig for Linux/PPC

Jeramy B Smith jsmith at
Sat Sep 25 01:46:06 EST 1999

I've been thinking about making sndconfig run on linuxppc. 
A. rip out the sun/sbus code
B. remove defs for isa cards
C. remove the defs for pci cards that don't work on linuxppc
D. add dma sound def
E. debug, debug, debug

D is giving me the most problems, i guess i shouldnt have to probe but one of
the variabes in the defs is a bustype (isa, pci, sbus). Any ideas what I should
do and what header I would need?

I think a utility like this would help people test their sound system and be
able to diagnose if their sound problems are caused by kernel driver issues or
software (esd, etc) problems.

A utility like this might even be able to incorporate Ben's work at mapping
inputs/outputs by having a machine select screen if dmasound is present. The
user would choose his machine and the correct input/output settings would be

Please feel free to tell me if I'm going about this bass-ackwards ;).

Jeramy B Smith
jsmith at

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