USB driver not detecting mouse? (lots of detail)

Tom Rini trini at
Thu Sep 23 04:05:56 EST 1999

On Wed, 22 Sep 1999, David Hay wrote:

> > I am loading (insmod) what I call usb-card-driver which in a makefile I
> > wrote
> > includes the following.  ohci.o usb.o ohci-debug.o usb-debug.o
> > 
> > I then load mouse.o on top of that.  I just noticed that I compiled the
> > hub.c
> > but I did not load it and the mouse is working.  But I have a 2-port card
> > which is just a root hub and I think hub.c is just for the extention hubs
> > only.
> I belive this is correct.  I've been loading usbcore.o, usb-ohci.o and the
> mouse.o.  Well, I usually don't load mouse, because when I load usb-ohci, it
> only sees a single hub with no devices attached, so when mouse.o hits
> usb_register, it can't find a mouse device to register the driver with. :(

This is all from samba, yes?  Or sticking the 2.3.x usb into 2.2.x.  I've
been doing that for a while, and the easiest way it to just compile in
OHCI, mouse, hub & keyboard.

> > What I did differently to get it to work was just the XF68Config file.  I
> > read the USB-HOWTO and set it up acording to that.  So I have really
> > done nothing other than compile the modules and then load them with
> > insmod.  I have not set up the modules directory and conf.modules yet.
> I think I know what I need to do with the XF68Config file to get the mouse
> working, but until I can get the driver to see the mouse, I'm going to stick
> with my ADB mouse :(

The new config tools for the new X work fine w/ setting up mice (gpm & X)
and for USB keyboards (or ADB & USB combos).

Tom Rini (TR1265)

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