USB driver not detecting mouse? (lots of detail)

Ira K Weiny iweiny at
Wed Sep 22 07:55:13 EST 1999

> I got the 2.3 USB code from  I had to update it a
> bit to include the 2.2 spinlock.h since it seems to have moved in the 2.3
> kernel.  If I think of it, I'll try to make some patches once I get home...

Right...  And you had to change the pci_dev structure access to the old struct

Ok I decided to do it your way and I get things working sort of.  My machine
does not crash, which is a HUGE milestone for me.  ;-)  (knock on wood at least
not crashed yet.

> Where are these patches you speak of?  From reading the docs in the USB
> driver, these patches have made it into the USB tree...or are there non-USB
> patches that need to be applied?

I don't think you need the patches.  You got the source from the same place I
did.  I was getting some data access exceptions/crashes and that was because I
got my source from BEFORE.

The cvs source should be good.  Now why it does not work?  I don't know.  I had
my fiance try the mouse but I think I may have XF86 set up wrong?  I have to
get home to try it.  But when she (un)pluged the mouse in the software
recongnized it and printed associated messages in my kernel.log so that is

I will let you do the patches.  I can't figure patches out...  ;-0

Ira Weiny

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