3.3.5 Feedback

Hugh Caley hcaley at loomer.com
Tue Sep 21 16:52:24 EST 1999

Just thought you would like some feedback, Tom.  I installed the 3.3.5 RPMS on
my Lombard laptop today.

As you mentioned, I can use 15 bpp now.  However, the server will not start if
I use bpp 24; it will start if I use bpp 32, but this has the same problems I
had with that color mode before, i.e. apps like Lyx will not start.

I had been using the patched XF68_FBDev file from Kevin Hendrick's Java site
(I hope I got his name right), which allowed running using bpp 24 and was able
to run those apps I mentioned.

Xconfigurator doesn't seem to work with this machine.  Whenever it goes to
test the X server it errors out saying there is something wrong with the

Let me know if I can tell you anything else.


Hugh Caley, Unix Administrator
Babcock & Brown, San Francisco
hughc at babcockbrown.com

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