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Joseph Garcia jpgarcia at
Tue Sep 21 08:24:56 EST 1999

Takashi Oe wrote:
> Try changing the last argument of request_irq() in PMacIrqInit() and
> free_irq() in PMacIrqCleanup().  For example, change
>         request_irq(awacs_irq, pmac_awacs_intr, 0, "AWACS", 0)
> and
>         free_irq(awacs_irq, pmac_awacs_intr)
> to
>         request_irq(awacs_irq, pmac_awacs_intr, 0, "AWACS", (void *)awacs)
> and
>         free_irq(awacs_irq, (void *)awacs).
> I think that's what I did in order to get rid of the panic.

Wonderful!  it now works.  this fix should go into the kernel.

I would also like to note that with this now working,  with the sound as a
module, while sound still breaks when put to sleep on a wallstreet, it is
revived upon removing and reinstalling the module.  People may want to see if
this happens on a lombard as well.

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