Boot Methods Debate

jeramy b smith ultrapenguin at
Sat Sep 18 02:14:50 EST 1999

My two-cents, go with the best available option for each architecture and have
the OS installer set up booting appropriately. Here is an example for a OF
PowerMac using a RedHat style installer.

->Load RedHat Installer (Yellow, LPPC, Turbo, etc)
->Installer detects/asks what machine Im using (I select Beige DT G3)
->Installer sets up my partitions and saves data to vars
->Installer sets up video and saves data to vars
->Installer asks what my default OS should be (I select Linux)
->Installer applies all OF patches necessary and uses partition/video vars to
set up boot options
->reboot into linux

I believe this is achievable since all the OF patches are "open" as ben
pointed out. Of course, if I select a compatible Nubus Mac, the installer
would set up miBoot. 

Of course, if I was a distributor, I would just go with whatever worked most
reliably and consistently; programming paradigms and boot theories aside.

Jeramy B Smith
jsmith at

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