New booter (about quik)

Ethan Benson erbenson at
Fri Sep 17 11:46:32 EST 1999

On 17/9/99 Paul Mackerras wrote:

>No, it needs to be an ext2 partition.  AFAIK the first 1k of an HFS
>partition isn't free.

yes it is free, unless you have macos on that same partition then 
there are macos bootblocks there.

dd if=/dev/hda4 of=/tmp/hfsblock bs=1024 count=1
dd if=/dev/hda8 of=/tmp/ext2block bs=1024 count=1

$ cmp /tmp/hfsblock /tmp/ext2block

no difference at all.

hda4 is a empty hfs partition with no macos
hda8 is a ext2fs not the root partition and such no boot blocks 
installed (quik or otherwise)

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