New booter-New world

David Riley happyoscar42 at
Thu Sep 16 21:46:09 EST 1999

Sean wrote:
> Since the New World machines have a flashable ROM, why doesn't Apple
> just write a new flash ROM for MacOS X by writing a flash with
> bootloader on it that stores its information in the MBR or PRAM
> (multiple PRAM settings) or somewhere so they don't have to use the
> secret partition trick to get MacOS X to boot correctly. In the process,
> they might as well add an allowance so you can boot Linux or another
> alternative OS in the extra slots (multiple kernels, etc). And the
> ability to pick which OS you prefer to boot.

It's quite possible that this is being worked on, because I can't
imagine that Apple wants to do that thing with an HFS partition if they
don't have to.  They're not just lazy bums out there, ya know. ;-)  If
they are working on that, it's probably just undisclosed.

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