Problem for compiling linux-2.2.5-embedded

sébastien tadéoni sebastien_tadeoni at
Wed Sep 15 00:29:53 EST 1999

Hi All,

I've some problems with the cross-compilation of the 2.2.5-embedded
kernel for MPC860 (configure for a MBX card).

I followed the instructions
for building my own environment and when I want to create the zImage I
have this current errors:

ppc_ksyms.c:77:'isa_io_base' undeclared here (not in a fonction)

ppc_ksyms.c:77:'initializer element for '--ksymtab_isa_io_base.value'
is not constant

In the ppc_ksyms.c I see EXPORT_SYMBOL(isa_io_base) and I don't no what
it minds.

For installing the binutils and the egcs-1.1.2 compiler I had to change
$PATH and add the /usr/local/bin address.
Was it wrong?

I will appreciate any suggestions and help on this subject.

Have a good day.


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