PCMCIA on Powerbook G3 Series

Hugh Caley hcaley at loomer.com
Tue Sep 14 16:50:18 EST 1999

Is it possible yet to use PCMCIA on a PB G3 Series laptop?  I used to have a
Wallstreet, and now I have a Lombard, plus Paul Mackerras' kernel source tree,
and I never got it working on either.  I just installed the latest 3.1
pcmcia-cs, and simply inserting my little Viking smart card adaptor causes a
kernel panic every time, and having it in at boot does the same thing.

This card works fine under MacOS, and also under Linux for x86; it just shows
up as another drive on the desktop (or as another mountable drive).

There is an old patch for the Mac serial driver at:


but I'm afraid to use something that out of date, and the other text there
seems to imply that a special kernel config is necessary.  Also, it seems
related to Mac serial support and modems, and my card doesn't have anything to
do with either one, as far as I can tell.

Anyone have more up to date information?


Hugh Caley, Unix Administrator
Babcock & Brown, San Francisco
hughc at babcockbrown.com

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