missing space on ext2fs scsi drive

Joseph Garcia jpgarcia at execpc.com
Tue Sep 14 11:54:18 EST 1999

Timothy Wall wrote:
> I've run into an odd problem that I'm not quite sure how to diagnose.
> My root partition  (a 2Gb partition on an 8Gb drive) shows (with "df")
> around 55% usage (2203440 1k-blocks, a little over half used) and yet
> fails complaining that the disk is full.   I don't recall exactly how I
> partitioned the disk (probably pdisk).
> Is my ext2fs accounting screwed?  Why does the FS think there is no
> space when writing, but show space with "df" ?

I had this problem when i installed 1999 with it reformatting my drives.  The
problem is it didn't recognize the partition geom right.  My problem was i had a
2 gig partition, it was formatted as if it were 1 gig, and its max files were
only 65k of them.  So when i tried to have more then 65000+ files on this drive,
it still had space, but no blank table entries for the new files.  whoops.

Im not sure what caused it, but what i did was put the files on another
drive(s), reformat the drive (which did it right (?)), and move them back.  I'd
like to think there is a better solution.  Ideas?

Hope this helps.  Good luck.

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