hfs resource forks in Linux

Dan Bethe dan_bethe at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 14 07:47:00 EST 1999

> *) I saw a message on linux-kernel in which A. Sun,
> the maintainer of
> the hfs code, said that it's on his todo list, but
> right now "on the
> back burner". If that's true and nobody else steps
> in, we won't see HFS+
> support in this century either.

	That's a bummer, because HFS+ is currently the only filesystem I've
thought of which is robustly usable among all three of MacOS 8, MacOS
X, and Linux.  I want one that has multiuser and secure (permissions)
properties.  UFS seems to do for Linux and MacOS X, but what about
MacOS 8?
	I have a 2 GB disk in my low-end Powerbook Wallstreet II, so I need to
share among OS's!  ;)
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