controlfb.c bug in VRAM bank2 check if bank1

Michel Lanners mlan at
Tue Sep 14 04:13:31 EST 1999

On  12 Sep, this message from Lou Langholtz echoed through cyberspace:
> If I had a spare PowerMac 7500 I'd love to test every combo and see what gets
> detected where. Unfortunately I don't, but hope someone else can do this
> instead and get conclusive info that we need. It concerns me too that people
> with 8500's (that seem to have the same graphics card) seem to observe
> different behavior in detection.

Yeah; might prove interesting to compare the results on a 7500 with
those on a 8500...

> What version of controlfb are you using? Current from the 2.2 kernel tree,
> 2.3 kernel tree, or 2.2 or 2.3 from vger, or even somewhere else. 2.2.12
> wouldn't detect all 4MB VRAM in my 7500 box. I'm sorry but I haven't kept up
> very well with all the different distributions of source. Let me know which
> release then you use and I'll eagerely check it out ;-)

Hmm... official 2.2.12 does detect my 4 MB... and this is a 7600, so
the same motherboard as the 7500...


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