More on Various PMac PCI patches

Martin Mares mj at
Mon Sep 13 17:27:28 EST 1999


> Here is another round of PCI patches for the PowerMacs, against 2.2.12
> official.
> It includes all my previous patches, cleaned up a bit, with the special
> cases upon region enabling removed for VGA and IDE, and with special
> care for PlanB. That's since with OF's assignments, PlanB collides with
> the memory held by control.
> I haven't had time to investigate the potential PCMCIA problems nor
> find an appropriate solution, so this PCI stuff might need to change
> further. I just wanted to get it out the door, since more and more
> people seem to be bothered by the lack of fixup code for the PCI bus.
> Enjoy, and report any and all problems to me!

   It looks OK to me, but of course I'm no PPC expert...
				Have a nice fortnight
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