Kensington 'orbit' trackball - think's it's a turbomouse 5?

Jules Bean jmlb2 at
Mon Sep 13 12:23:13 EST 1999

On Sat, 11 Sep 1999, Alex Fishman wrote:

> Infact, the mouse really is a turbo mouse 5 in disguise, this is not the
> problem, the problem is that the two buttons on the mouse are mapped to
> one and two, you want them mapped to one and three (i.e.  The button on
> the left is like the first button on a three button, the button on the
> right is like the third button, and chording is like the second button).
> TO accomplish this, type:
> xmodmap -e "pointer = 1 3 2"

I have tried this, as I did in fact mention (briefly) - sorry if it wasn't

It does correctly make the right button button 3, but it *doesn't* make
chording work.  This made me guess that the chording code is at a lower
level, in the XF86 mouse drivers, and therefore it isn't affected by

> > 
> > When I'm in X, the mouse operates fine as a two-button mouse, except that
> > it is sending buttons 1 and 2, rather than the more useful 1 and 3.
> > 
> > I can superficially fix this last using xmodmap pointer, although (AFAIK)
> > there's no way of doing an 'emulate3buttons' trick at this stage.



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