PowerMac pci kernel 2.3.16

Ira K Weiny iweiny at falcon.csc.calpoly.edu
Sat Sep 11 09:53:00 EST 1999

Just out of curiousity I downloaded the 2.3.16 kernel from ftp.us.kernel.org
and tried to compile it.  I have a Kingston PCI/Ethernet card and a USB PCI
card and I found that the tulip driver for the former would not compile due to
a change in the pci_dev structure.

I then dug a little deaper to find that the pmac_pci.c file does not seem to
use this new structure when the chrp and prep pci files do.

Specifically the old structure has a "base_address" and states "use
pcibios_fixup to alter these address for platform specific issues" or something
like that.  pmac_pci.c has this pcibios_fixup where chrp and prep do not?

Is there development for the PowerMac pci bus for the 2.3 kernel?  Am I missing
something from my casual perusing of the code?

I got my 2.2.12 kernel up and running with the help of the "Various PCI
patches" thread (USB and Ethernet cards were somehow mapped wrong) and I would
hope that development does not get lost.

Ira Weiny

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