Martin Costabel costabel at wanadoo.fr
Sat Sep 11 08:08:04 EST 1999

In the latest vger-2.3.18 and also Paul's linux-pmac-devel, the
ADB_MOUSE cannot be selected any more, neither in 'make oldconfig' nor
in 'make menuconfig'.

While the logic in drivers/char/Config.in:
if [ "$CONFIG_ADB" = "y" ; then
    dep_tristate 'Apple Desktop Bus mouse support' CONFIG_ADB_MOUSE

looks OK, it doesn't work. This never shows up in 'make menuconfig'.

And in arch/ppc/config.in, the line

   bool 'Support for PowerMac ADB mouse' CONFIG_ADBMOUSE

got trashed, probably by mistake.

Well, I suppose the adb merging is not quite finished, like the irq and
pci parts. I got it to compile, but it doesn't boot.


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