Saulnier, Geoff (London) saulngeo at MLE.CO.UK
Fri Sep 10 20:09:51 EST 1999


My apologies fro posting to both lists, but this is a question that I think
applies to both...

Finally managed to get linuxppc installed, from the CD, onto my Beige G3
minitower.  It has a PCI Ultra-Wide SCSI card and 2 4Gb UW SCSI disks of
that card.  I had to install it onto a 1Gig Jaz cart because of the
following problems:

No matter how well partitioned my drives were (with Mac pdisk), the intaller
would not see them, and pdisk in the linux X installer environment would not
see them.  In fact, it would see not partitions at all of any kind.

When I formated and partitioned a Jaz cart, with the drive on the external,
ordinary SCSI bus, it was seen by the installer and things went fine from

So, my questions are:
  -  what PCI UW SCSI cards are supported in the final version
  -  are there any plans to support others (I am assuming that the one that
came in my box is not supported!)
  -  does this problem sound like it has nothing to do with the card?

Thanks for any help!!

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