Problems with Samba 2.2 tree

Hugh Caley hcaley at
Fri Sep 10 16:11:32 EST 1999

FYI, Paul, I have been rsyncing the stable tree on my Lombard laptop, and I
haven't been able to boot the kernels built with it since sometime after 9/3
or so.

I get the "booting" line, but the little Tux pic never comes up and it hangs
there (I have waited for disk activity to continue for a couple of minutes

I have tried it at both 16 and 32 bpp, and with and without the Video Driver
checkbox in bootx.  Current kernel args are:

video=atyfb:vmode:16,cmode:32,mclk:67 (I've also tired mclk:100).

This is with the 2.95 gcc from; I then downgraded and tried
it with egcs 1.1.2 from there; same thing.


Hugh Caley, Unix Administrator
Babcock & Brown, San Francisco
hughc at

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