Paul's devel branch on Lombard?

Martin Costabel costabel at
Fri Sep 10 08:45:56 EST 1999

Shaw Terwilliger wrote:
> Martin Costabel wrote:
> > Kernel 2.3.16 is from cvs at openprojects, with 2 little patches to make it
> > compile and to recognize my ethernet card. I'll reboot in a minute to
> > try 2.3.17.
> I tried 2.3.16 last week (from cvs from openprojects), and had similar
> machine check problems on boot.  It _did_ seem to recognize all my
> hardware (perhaps the BMAC did not work, but I couldn't tell, it wouldn't
> stay up that long).
> If I use the CVS kernel, will I _need_ 2.95, or will EGCS 1.1.2 work?

I think there is even some explicit warning somewhere that
gcc-2.95-compiled kernels are bad for your health or something. If you
ask Linus (or read Documentation/Changes), you are told to use
gcc-, no kidding.

2.3.17 is now running, although I had to recompile it once; make
oldconfig had eaten my CONFIG_ADBMOUSE. Someone is playing games with
the config options. In make menuconfig, the "APPLE DESKTOP MOUSE" is
marked as "NEW". Mine doesn't look very new anymore :-)


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