2.2.12 and USB on a B&W G3

Otto Moerbeek otto at cable.a2000.nl
Tue Sep 7 02:53:18 EST 1999

Paul Mackerras wrote:
> I sent Alan a patch to update the USB support in 2.2.11 (for inclusion
> in 2.2.12).  Apparently Linus gave it the thumbs down because the USB
> stuff is still under very active development and he (Linus) didn't
> want to be receiving patches against two different source bases, or
> something like that.  Oh well. :-(
> > Is there an "offfical" opinion if vanilla 2.2.12 should work on B&W
> > G3's? Where should I be looking to find this info?
> The USB stuff in vanilla 2.2.12 is so old that I would be *extremely*
> surprised if it worked.
> Paul.

I would like to get these USB patches, so I can try to run my USB
devices on 2.2.12. Are they available somewhere?

Apart from the USB stuff, should the rest of 2.2.12 work on a B&W G3?
IOW have the other patches reached the 2.2.12 tree or should I expect
some more problems?


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