2.2.12 and USB on a B&W G3

Otto Moerbeek otto at cable.a2000.nl
Mon Sep 6 16:42:10 EST 1999


I recently tried to compile the 2.2.12 tree, and it boots fine on my B&W
G3 (rev2, no scsi) IF I disable the USB driver. If I enable the USB
driver a kernel panic occurs, with a stack trace that leads to one of
the USB interrupt handlers.

It looks like some USB work that Paul Mackerras did is not included in
the 2.2.12 tree. Is someone (Paul?) working on merging these patches
into 2.2.12?

If not, I can give it a try...

Is there an "offfical" opinion if vanilla 2.2.12 should work on B&W
G3's? Where should I be looking to find this info?

Regards, Otto

Otto Moerbeek
otto at cable.a2000.nl

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