TCP module for perl

John Bryan johnb at
Sun Sep 5 16:12:50 EST 1999


I am looking for a TCP module to use with the Perl
install that comes with LinuxPPC 1999.

At work for Solaris I have it referenced as

I am trying to do something like:


use Socket;

require "/usr/local/bin/";  <----don't have

if (open_TCP(F, $ARGV[0], 1411) == undef) {
    print "Error connecting to server at $ARGV[0]\n";

print F "GET HTTP/2.0\n\n";

When I try without the 'require' it says the open_TCP
subroutine is undefined, so I don't have the

It is not on my Linux install, at least not under /usr,
and the FAQ-o-matic didn't turn up anything on it.

I will keep digging around 'the usual places' and see
what I might turn up, but if anyone knows where I can
pick this up for LPPC, I'd sure appreciate it.


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