[Re: Possible Bug in XFree3.3.5]

jeramy b smith ultrapenguin at netscape.net
Sat Sep 4 16:56:30 EST 1999

Tom Rini <trini at kernel.crashing.org> wrote:
>Well shoot.  I hadn't made an announcement yet for a reason 
>(newer, -1a locally :))

Unfortunately the interim linuxppc.org page had a link to your directory for
the 3.3.4 release. Since the interim page is the old page, I went there to see
if you had 3.3.5.

>I wonder if all of this has to do w/ the 15/16 bit fix...  Hmm..---Tom >Rini

The first time I ran the new setup, it gave me a non-reproducible error in the
same place that is now in my buffer history. I think it might take a reboot to
get the original eror, not sure. There was a method or variable mach64?????blt
(not sure) that had an illegal size or number. Vague, yes.

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