Possible Bug in XFree3.3.5

jeramy b smith ultrapenguin at netscape.net
Sat Sep 4 10:13:45 EST 1999

I downloaded the 3.3.5 rpms from Tom's directory and installed them. I have a
2meg ati rage IIc. Before upgrading the rpm, I was using vmode 18 and cmode 16
and the same for my X resolution (1152x864 at 16bpp). However, trying to startx
with this configuration would crash.

Changing the depth in to 8bpp in XF86config solved this. I tried setting the
the resolution to 800x600 and bumping the colors up to 16bpp. XFB initializes
the accel code, reports the font and pixmap caches are disabled. Then I get
the BBdebug message that it is setting up gnome support. I catch the signal
11. blackbox then tells me:

X Error of failed request:   16 Badlength (poly request too large or internal
Xlib length error
Major/minor opcode of failed request: 72 / 0
Resource id in failed request: 0x8000014

I tried Xconfigurator to rule out window manager/extraneous errors and
Xconfigurator would promptly quit when it would try to test these modes.

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