Ethernet on a PowerCenter Pro

Hubert Figuiere hfiguiere at
Sat Sep 4 01:17:20 EST 1999

According to phandel at <phandel at>:

> > Although this may be a very simple problem, I just can't get LinuxPPC 5
> > to recognize the built-in ethernet controller on my Power Computing
> > Power Center Pro 240. Has anyone had any success with this particular
> > machine, or have any insight to the right settings under the control
> > panel?
> My PowerCenter Pro 210's built-in ethernet has worked fine with every
> kernel I've found & made myself.  Here's what dmesg says:
> eth0: MACE at 00:05:[etc.], chip revision 9.64

If I recall correctly, PCPro 240 use a DEC chip for Ethernet. I
must admit, I haven't booted Linux for a long time on my
PowerCenter, so I'm not really sure.
Try using DEC 21x40 card support.


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